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Welcome to Dark Depths Armory, located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.  We pride ourselves in interacting with every customer on an Individualized basis.  Not your typical big box store, we customize every nuance of your firearm to meet your specific needs.  With a growing network of firearms distributors we aim to exceed your expectations. Conveniently, we are an (SOT3 ) class 3 firearms dealer that can also help you navigate the NFA process.  Unique to many dealers in the area we are excited offer a selection of NFA items that you can demo to help you choose your next purchase. Partnered with Sig Sauer Firearms, Silencer Shop, and Rugged Suppressors, selecting your next build has never been easier.

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Established in 2020, Dark Depths Armory is a veteran owned firearms dealer tailored to the discerning customer. When discrete, one-on-one firearms selection is important, we are second to none. A high level of preparedness requires the right tool to maximize speed and efficiency.  As a father, husband and veteran I realize the importance of preparation. Having a quality firearm tailored to your exact specifications can increase familiarity and give you those few seconds when they matter the most.  What started out as a hobby, has become my passion; and I'm delighted to share my passion with you. With increasing and ever-changing firearms regulation, we are here to help you navigate the NFA process and purchase the firearm that's right for you. Home defense, LE/ Military duty , hunting, or competition are too critical for off the shelf firearms. 

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Sig Sauer Firearms

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Now offering Sig Sauers full inventory at great prices including rifles, pistols, optics, parts, accessories, and gear.

Private Party/ FFL / & NFA Transfers

Administrative transfer of firearms and storage for (ATF approval) FBI waiting period.  This includes NICS check, as well as verification with local authorities and processing all documents. All parties must have valid state/federal identification ( military must have valid military id, state id, and orders). Washington State use tax of 10.1% must also be collected on any transfers that are shipped from a FFL holder (unless proof can be presented at the time of transfer that the use tax has already been paid on the firearm. Washington State requires that use tax is collected on all firearms, including gifts.  (RCW 82.12.010).

Private Party Transfer

$50.00 for the first firearm $15 for each additional firearm of the same type.

Any Firearm that is brought on the premises must be clear and safe, with the magazine removed and clearly identified as such (Locked bag/case) and in the possession of the current registered owner.  Both parties involved must be present at the scheduled.  All parties involved must have a valid state or federal identification, and or military id.

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FFL Transfer

Handgun/ Pistol

$50.00 for the first pistol and $15.00 for each additional of the same type. 


(SAR) Long Gun Transfers

$50.00 (S.A.R) Semi Automatic Rifle transfer

Administrative transfer of firearms and storage during waiting period.  This includes NICS check, as well as verification with local authorities and processing all documents. (Please note that the WA state dol tax is not included and may be payed at the time of transfer).


NFA Transfer

$125.00 Per NFA Item, Transfer and Application Guidance

Partnered with Silencer Shop, selecting the appropriate type of trust that suits your needs or applying as an individual has never been easier.  We will schedule an appointment to discuss the various types of trusts and their advantages within the scope of the NFA application process. With the provided finger print cards from the local sheriffs department I will help you navigate the NFA application process and selecting the route that you feel most comfortable with. The transfer fee encompasses title II firearms, silencers (otherwise known as suppressors) and (AOW) Anything other weapons. With the demand for NFA items we now offer fingerprinting services.  



Have any questions feel free to reach out we can accommodate your firearm needs.

General gun smithing labor

Inspection, function test, and cleaning (most guns)
$35.00 – $69.00

Full detail strip, inspection, ultrasonic clean, and function test

Custom Holsters

Now In Stock

Products in stock and available. Purchasing your first concealed carry? Unsure whats right for you? Come try and see for yourself.  While Glocks are great they may not be for everybody.  Understanding your own ergonomics is essential to train properly , comfortability and training can add seconds when they matter most.


SIG MCX Virtus Pistol LE/MIL

300 AAC Blackout / 9" Barrel

Recently acquired brand new SIG MCX Virtus LE/MIL.  Similar to the civilian version of the MCX these come with SIG oem sights and available in black.  Contact for pricing.

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